Ian M




New York, NY 10033



The City College of New York, B.S., Computer Science, 2015 - 2019


Pooled House Spring 2019

  • Built ReactJS app that displays average tips by neighborhood for hospitality industry professionals searching for new jobs
  • Increased income for users by up to 10-20%
  • Designed, developed, and tested custom React components for front-end interface
  • Managed API documentation using JSDoc

Music Genre Classification Spring 2019

  • Analyzed database of 1000 .wav audio files for timbral, rhythmic, and pitch audio features using Python Librosa library
  • Constructed customized CSV file of 10 unique audio features using Pandas for use with machine learning classification models
  • Utilized classification models provided by Scikit-learn to correctly predict with 87% accuracy

JTunes Spring 2016

  • Group project that built MP3 player with Java and MySQL
  • Designed and built custom SQL database to store audio information for application recall

AvEIGHT, Philadelphia, PA, Software Engineer Intern Summer 2013

  • Key member of cross-functional team of software engineers collaborating on development, deployment, and troubleshooting of web applications
  • Built a WooCommerce shopping cart plugin using HTML, CSS, and PHP
  • Developed coded assets to support lead developer, thereby increasing company productivity by 20%

Keroaän 2010-present

  • A collaborative computer music project focused on generative performances of non-standard synthesis models and live laser visualization
  • Designed and developed custom built software using Max/MSP and SuperCollider programming languages

Other Experience

Momofuku Kāwi, The Cannibal, Standard Tap 2007-present
New York, NY + Philadelphia, PA, Bar Manager, Bartender, and Server

  • Helped open Momofuku Kāwi, winner of Eater’s 2019 New Restaurant of the Year award
  • Created two award-winning cocktails featured in Zagat and Philly Mag
  • Adeptly multitasked in high endurance and fast paced environments
  • Managed budget for bar service, monitored inventory, and trained staff